Timeless Elegance: The Tortoise Shell Horn-Rimmed Glasses

From the moment people need to change their glasses, a very common question is how to choose the frames. After all, as each face is different, some rules define the ideal models for each case.

However, when consumers try on frames like tortoise shell horn rimmed glasses for instance, most choose something fashionable without paying much attention to recommendations. Above all, you must choose something that suits your face but makes you feel good.

The models available on the market are discreet or exuberant. And, to choose the ideal model, you need to know some basic rules and which frames suit your face and are compatible with your degree.

Before Defining The Ideal Glasses Frame, You Must Know The Main Face Shapes.

Once you have defined your face shape, the next step is to find the ideal model from sunglasses stores. This way, it is possible to combine the frame options with your face model, finding the one that meets your clinical needs and personality. To find the ideal frame model, consider a series of factors. Technical and physical criteria include the fashion, lifestyle, and aesthetic you are looking for.

How Do You Identify Your Face Shape?

Initially, determining your face shape won’t always be simple, but it’s not impossible. There are common features that differentiate one face from another, which changes people’s overall appearance.

But, before identifying the shape of your face, it is worth highlighting that it changes throughout your life. Weight loss, for example, can modify these characteristics. However, regardless of the case, it is possible to identify the format in your own home.

To begin, sit in front of a mirror, looking straight ahead. Next, she puts a tiara or band on her hair, returning the locks. In other words, “free” your face from any element that could harm your broad vision. Your hairline is the upper edge of your face, and your chin is the lower part of it. It is worth noting that your ears are not part of your face. If you want to make the work easier, you can use a water-soluble pen.

If you don’t have a mirror, a photo can help you discover the shape of your face. You can also use your smartphone to photograph your face taking a selfie to use as a model. Once you’ve followed one of these ways to determine your face shape, answer the following questions: Which shape most closely matches your face? If you want to simplify this procedure, there are facial recognition tools.

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