A Quick Overview On How To Clean Skechers Shoes

There is nothing to be embarrassed about a dirty pair of Skechers because cleaning them is all one needs to instantly improve their style. Different cleaning methods are used to clean the shoes depending on the materials used to manufacture them. This article presents different methods a person can use for cleaning skechers and enjoy them for as long as possible.

  • Washing Performance or Light-up Skechers:

It is not recommended to wash the performance of light-up Skechers in the washing machine because they are prone to breaking down in the machine. Instead, brush off excess dirt from the shoes using a rag or old toothbrush. Once excess dirt is removed, use soapy water and a rag to brush off all sides and insoles of the shoes. Make sure the soapy water that is being used is lukewarm for accelerating the cleaning process. Next, one should take clean water and a clean towel to wipe off all soap and let the shoes and insoles air dry.

  • Machine washing Nylon or Mesh Skechers:

When cleaning skechers made from nylon in the washing machine, the right way to wash them is to remove the laces and put the shoes in the delicate bag or pillowcase. Wash the shoes on a cold cycle with enough laundry detergent for a normal load of laundry. Once Skechers shoes are machine washed, let the shoes and insoles air dry instead of machine dry. Putting the Skechers in the dryer might separate the layers of the shoes because of the heat. It is suggested to let insoles air dry outside the shoes.

  • Brushing Suede, Nubuck, or Leather Skechers:

Now that suede is a leather which is been rubbed to be velvety and nubuck is a buffed leather, soaking these Skechers in the water might break down the material. Therefore, it is not recommended to put these shoes in the washing machine. Instead, brush the suede or nubuck shoes gently with the suede or brass wire brush or old toothpaste. Next, brush the leather that isn’t suede or nubuck with lukewarm soapy water. In last, clean the shoes with a clean cloth and let them air dry.

  • Cleaning the laces:

To clean the laces of the Skechers shoe machine wash them in a delicate bag or pillowcase on a normal cycle. Once the laces are machine washed, let them air dry. Another method one can use to clean the laces is to soak them in bleach and water for half an hour. Take a bowl of clean water and a little splash of bleach in it. Put the laces in the solution for 30 minutes, rinse them out, and let them air dry.


Skechers that are improperly washed or cared for is not eligible for return or faulty assessment. Therefore, it is recommended to keep in mind all precautions when cleaning skechers. Following the above-mentioned methods will help a person clean his or her Skechers properly and restore their shine and that too without damaging the shoes or insoles.

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