Do not compromise on quality

In the crowd of beard and mustaches, you may desire to stand tall with a clean-shaven countenance. But to most men, shaving is irksome, an errand, so like others, you skip it, have the bed tea, brush teeth, simply shower and dress for the office. It seems daunting to make shaving part of your routine. The fight against growing facial hair is continuous; every morning, you watch helplessly the stubble whispers on your face. The attempt is futile as they come back persistently. Moreover, there are other issues like irritation, minor cut razor burn, and ingrown hair associated with shaving.

Humbly admitted by men

To redress this problem, the approach is pretty straightforward, adding more blades to a razor. The ultimate arsenal against whisper is five-blade cartridge razors but humbly admitted by men, the multi-blade razor is no good. The multi-blade razors are designed principally for ease of use, to remove stubble hairs quickly. But when convenience is the prime aim, quality is mainly compromised. For an effective, clean shave, a traditional heavy duty safety razor is back in the limelight. Not only have you better shaving experience, but also with minor irritation.

Facial hair growth depends on genetics, ranging from thick, meager, or in between. Whatever is the volume and thickness of the whisker, shaving has always been a problem for men. Some people keep their beard growing for religious purposes or just for aesthetic reasons, and some go for bald faces with no trace of facial hairs. Some men choose the middle path of the two. But in all cases, shaving is done at different degrees. The bald face men do their shaving as a regime, and beard men do it occasionally.

Two alternatives

With razors, there are two alternatives; the electric and conventional razors; the first one is for trimming and the latter for a clean shave. While shaving glide blade towards the hair growth, this will minimize rashes and bumps. Hydrate whiskers before shaving; put a warm wet towel on your face for few minutes; shaving after a bath will automatically moisturize your beard. Choose a premium quality shaving soap or cream; this is particularly vital for sensitive skin. Apply moisturizer or aftershave after shaving, and this is important because you lose a significant amount of skin oil while shaving.

Gently exfoliates your facial skin.

The traditional wet shave process decreases the potentiality of skin rashes and lesions as you’re your face remains lubricated by the leather. A premium quality shaving cream or soap creates ample foam which lasts the entire shaving session. The leather gently exfoliates your facial skin by removing dead cells and hairs. The razor effortlessly glides through the corners of your jaw, giving you a fresh, brimming look.

You can have an effective, clean shave with a long handle safety razor; a single blade is enough to remove stubble hairs. It is essential to notice while the razor sashay through your face, with hairs, it removes a thin layer of epidermis along with it. Pressing the razor too hard or shaving many times on the same region can cause skin damage and irritation. The lipid wall gets damaged, and the skin gets exposed.

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