Firefighter Training

Firefighters experience challenging training and hiring processes, and a significant number of trainees change careers before working in the field. Although online firefighter training is now offered, prospective firefighters should completely understand the hiring requirements prior to beginning their training.

Education Requirements

Firefighters must have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED. However, many have degrees in fire science or a related field.

EMT Training

Although many fire departments don’t require EMT certification prior to hiring, every firefighter must receive their certifications after they are hired because most of the calls fire departments respond to are related to medical emergencies. Therefore, trainees should pursue EMT training and certification prior to or during their firefighter training. Licensed paramedics with experience on an ambulance are actually favored by many departments.

Fire Technology

These courses benefit your resume, but they may not be job requirements. Taking fire technology courses suggests that you are dedicated and willing to go the extra mile to ensure you are knowledgeable and able to provide exceptional service. These courses offer you significantly more training, which may help you prevent injuries or deaths on duty.

Hands-on Experience

To thrive as a firefighter, you must have a passion for the career. Therefore, make the effort to learn as much as you can about the job. This includes seeking out additional training opportunities that will make you more effective. In addition, volunteer in the industry to gain hands-on experience. You may also want to get experience in other fields, such as cleaning, cooking and mechanics, that will help you contribute to your firehouse.


Firefighter tests reveal your strengths and weaknesses. If you fail or don’t do as well as you would have liked on a specific section or test, you can refocus your training in this area. These exams also prepare you for the next test and job. You will have to complete written and physical ability assessments as well as oral interviews. Search out departments that are offering specific exams, and don’t be afraid to take them more than once. You must pass these tests to be hired on with a fire department, so prepare yourself by testing regularly.

Fire Academy

Prospective firefighters should pursue state-level certifications. Although they will still have to complete the department’s academy program, these certifications will give them the entry-level and practical skills they need for their careers. Volunteers are also offered academy placement.

Pursuing a career as a firefighter may be challenging, especially prior to being hired on with a department. However, you can be better prepared and show your dedication to the field through extensive training and

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