IPL Hair Removal Technique- How Effective They Are?

IPL or (Intense Pulsed Light) is a technology that numerous medical and cosmetic practitioners use for performing various kinds of skin treatments for therapeutic and aesthetic purposes and it comprises photorejuvenation, like treating sun damage, skin pigmentation, and thread veins and hair removal. Additionally, this process also lessens dermatologic diseases, like acne. With time, IPL has been increasingly utilized in ophthalmology and optometry too for treating some evaporative dry eye diseases because of meibomian gland dysfunction.

What does the IPL hair removal technology work?

The IPL hair removal technology makes use of a hand-held, high-powered, and computer-controlled flashgun for delivering a visible, broad-spectrum, and intense pulse of light. It happens commonly in the visible spectral range. IPL is capable of lessening the growth of hair, more effectually in the case of coarser or darker hair. You will come across many devices and names for pulsed light treatments, like ELOS, M-Light, and E-Light. However, people must understand that IPL is different from laser hair removal which is a procedure that uses monochromatic and coherent laser light.

The IPL hair removal salon Singapore uses different cutoff filters that are commonly utilized for filtering out short wavelengths particularly those that are damaging ultraviolet light. This resulting light has got a spectral range that targets particular structures as well as chromophores. They are heated to annihilation before being reabsorbed by your body. In some ways, both laser treatments and IPL does share some similarities as both these methods utilize light for destroying and heating their targets. But IPL utilizes a broad spectrum, unlike lasers that utilize only one color or light that commonly matches with one chromophore.

The types of skin and hair that can get effective results

IPL hair removal technique turns effectual on all kinds of hair when the hair bulb has got dark pigment. Again, brown, red, black, and even blond hair could be reduced effectively with the IPL hair removal technique but the hair bulb should have dark pigment. This method is harmless for the majority of the skin types. Nonetheless, if you have fair skin but dark hair, then you will get the finest outcomes from the IPL hair removal process.

How often people should use the IPL hair removal process?

When people hunt for a substitute for waxing, laser hair removal, or sharing, then they prefer the IPL hair removal process. The good thing about this procedure is it is absolutely safe for use. The sessions for hair removal treatment must be scheduled either twice or thrice times every week. You need to continue the treatment process until your hair stops growing back. Commonly, it takes about 3-6 months for finishing the hair removal treatment. Again, you need to schedule the following sessions when you find that some hair has begun to grow. You must continue it until you get your awaited outcomes.

If you opt for skin rejuvenation treatment, then you must schedule it twice or thrice every week. Here, when you begin to see your awaited outcomes, you must bring down the treatment process to only 1-2 times every week.

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