Your Appearance Speaks Louder Than Your First Spoken Word

A humble t-shirt has become a necessity in a men`s wardrobe. T-shirts were basically underwear, evolved into workwear, now has become a fashion statement. It is difficult to find an individual who has never wear a t-shirt. Trends in fashion come and subside, but this apparel continues to remain relevant in the changing world of fashion. This outfit’s versatility is unbeatable; you can down it in any occasion, be it in the gym, in bed, under a shirt or suit, or while you are leisurely soaking under the sun on the beach.

Wear a proper size

Perhaps this is the most bought apparel, both in dozens from the same brand. You wear them until they cry for a replacement. Most of the time, while purchasing a t shirt, the color, style, and fit is disregarded. Your appearance speaks louder than your first spoken word. A proper, fitting workout t shirt mens states a lot about your personality. Inadvertently baggy, the sleeves flopping like elephant ears, from the shoulders, depict a man who has lost the battle. A proper fit, exploding ridge sends a positive message to the beholder. An appropriate fitting outfit puts the right emphasis on your body’s proudest part, without highlighting the weakest part. According to your torso, choose the right fit.

Right sleeve length and length

Sleeves of a t-shirt should cease at the midpoint of your upper arm to flaunt the biceps and triceps, even if it is not nearer to Sylvester Stallion. Do not wear a too-tight skin fitting t-shirt; leave some room for air circulation. If your torsos have broad shoulders and a narrow waist, wear a tapered cut t-shirt that does not drape your body’s midsection. If you are not a regular gym-going guy, nothing very spectacular about your body, like many of us, opt for the classic fit. Do not down an oversize t-shirt to conceal some faults, neither wear too stiff to show off your well worked out body.

A classic t-shirt should stop at the waistline, just above the buttocks. If it is too short, you will show your brief, which is obscene and improper whenever you raise your hand. The t shirt sleeves must cease at the midpoint of the upper arm, fitting tightly to your skin without stretching. A perfectly fit t-shirt should not restrict your movement; it must be comfortable and allow seamless movement. The outfit must fit across your shoulder, aligning with shoulder curves.

Neutral colors like; black, white, grey, and blue are timeless shades that are never out of fashion, shirts with neutral colors, which are often referred to as basic. Suppose you want to wear the t-shirt as underwear white is the best. You will look like Paul Newman and James Dean, down a white t-shirt with navy denim paired with a Ray-Ban. The Black t-shirt is as classic as its white counterpart, but it fades after few washes and unsuitable for warm, humid climates. Neutral colors can be sometimes boring, wear some other colors to infuse energy and flamboyance in your life.

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