No Poreblem Primer – Pores 101

If there is one thing that we can all agree on, the size of the pores can make a huge difference in the appearance of a person. On one end, poor pore management may make you look a bit unappealing, and on the other end the cutest of them all may seem like they do not even have pores at all. These tiny little craters covers the entirety of our body and not just our faces. Basically, they are little holes where hair and other gooey stuff like oil comes out of. In this No Poreblem Primer, we will talk about the pore and why we ought to manage it.

No Poreblem Primer: Why do we have Pores

Thought we all know that face pores are the banes of our faces’ existence, we should first try to understand it before launching any crusade to eradicate them. First and foremost, the pores are the gateway for a few stuff that needs to come out, or grow from our body.

The thing that immediately comes to mind would be hair and this includes the one that we like, the hair on our scalp, as well as the ones that we do not like, body hair and, unfortunately, facial hair. Our distant ancestors had much use for hair as this was basically the only thing that covers their body to protect themselves against the environment. The modern human’s body however relegated it’s purpose to a purely cosmetic one. Pores are basically the spots in our body where hair is, or at least was, going to come out from. So, if you are wondering if we still need the pores from anywhere around the body except the places where we do want hair to come out of then the answer would sadly be yes.

Aside from hair, the pores are also the gateway to another famous irritant to the beauty conscious – the oil. Whenever we think about skin and oil, we never really start thinking of it being essential, and instead we picture a threat to your beauty. However, the truth is we do need to have some oil on our skin. While, it is not a pretty sight to look at, it serves a vital function and that is to cool our body down. Ever wonder why we only feel like sweating whenever it is hot or our body is heated up from doing physical labor? The reason for this is because our body is responding to its needs and thus cooling us off when we get a bit too hot.

Finally, as part of the body’s excretory system, the body tries to dislodge some of the toxins through our skin. This means that dead cells, and other stuff can be seen dripping itself away from the body. This does not mean it would be very convenient for us to have to clean after it however. In fact, these unwanted substances are the reason that we have black heads and whiteheads.

No Poreblem Primer: How to Shrink our Pores

Now that we know why we need pores, let us now talk about ways to minimize their damage to our appearance.

No Poreblem Primer: How to Shrink our Pores with Cleansers

One of the most commonly advertised products for pore control are the cleansers. These are chemicals carefully synthesized to clean off dirt, oils and other residue from our pores while not doing any damage to our face. The recommended number of times that beauty experts would suggest that we should cleanse is at least twice every day.

Cleansers, because of its properties can actually minimize the sizes of our pores. Additionally, they are also a great way to reduce the risk of developing impurities in our faces like pimples. It should be noted the use of cleansers should not be abused. One of the most common mistakes that people often make when using cleansers is to apply them before going to sleep. As was noted, cleansers can shrink the size of our pores, and because of this, our faces lose the opportunity to let out all the toxins that want to get out of our faces. And since, we would be fast asleep then, this would be the best time to let our pores breathe. What you should do instead, is to start cleansing your face right after you wake up to remove the secretions that your face has done throughout the night.

You should not simply buy any cleanser right off the bat. But, there is no easy way either in knowing which cleanser you should get. You can try to experiment but one concern that you may have is the adverse effect that it may introduce. Some cleansers are specifically made for some skin types that may not include yours. For tightening pores however, you may want to pick a label that specifically says that it reduces oils of is made for oily skin.

No Poreblem Primer: How to Shrink our Pores by Steaming

If you are a regular in spa treatments then you may already be familiar with the process of steaming your face. And you might be wondering why they had to this. The reason is that the steam allows the oils and dead skin cells to be pushed out of the pores. After all, the most common reason why we seem like we have big pores is because of its contents.

You can go to a steam room every week and try to get a good 5 to 10 minutes inside. After which, make sure that you take a cold shower to make sure that you tighten up your pores back again.

You have to be wary however of using public steam rooms. If the steam room is of use to many people then you should know that it can be a haven of bacteria that can damage your skin instead. Cleaner steam rooms can be found in spa and salons who regularly have them cleaned.

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