Choosing a Healthy Lunchtime Snack for Your Children

It goes without saying at this point that there are many, many different kinds of snacks out there that children can try. Some snacks are more lunchbox-friendly than others, meaning that they are small, light, and sized to easily fit in a lunchbox. Out of all the lunchbox snacks that are out there, your child can choose anything from apple slices to chocolate brownies. As a parent, it can almost be overwhelming at times to try and decide what snacks are healthy for your child’s growing body but are also tasty enough that your child will actually eat them without you badgering him or her to do so. Of course, pure fruit and nuts might be the healthiest option out there but most children aren’t going to be particularly enthusiastic about these snacks. On the other hand, children will be more than happy to eat a bag of crisps or two or a brownie but these snacks are often quite unhealthy. Finding the balance between nutritious and delicious is often a precarious journey but there will always be something that you can choose.

For example, cheese is an option that many people look toward for lunchbox snacks. Cheese is easily portable and with an insulated lunchbox, it can stay good all the way until lunchtime. Cheese is also relatively nutritious, being a source of calcium. As many parents know, calcium is particularly important for growing children as it helps to strengthen bones. In fact, some cheeses are fortified with Vitamin D. This vitamin works with calcium absorption, meaning that your child’s bones will become even stronger when his or her food is fortified with Vitamin D. These are just some of the benefits of choosing a cheese-based snack for your child’s lunchbox. If you want to learn more about the different types of cheese snacks out there, you can always visit one of the largest cheese snack brands at for more information.

Why Choose Cheese Snacks?

Something else to consider about cheese snacks is that they are a relatively light snack. While the fattiness of the cheese itself can often lead to children feeling full, which can sometimes be a good thing, the cheese snacks themselves only have about 60 to 70 calories in them, depending on what type of cheese they are. The strings of cheese are slightly larger than the packets of shaped cheese so they are going to have a few more calories in them. What this means for your children is that they won’t be overindulging in their calories when they eat cheese snacks that are packed in their lunchbox, making them all the more appealing to parents. Children might even have fun with all of the different shapes of cheese that are offered in the packs of “random” and “icon”-shaped cheese. Everyone can appreciate a snack that is not only tasty but is fun as well.

Even if your child is not really a fan of cheese or prefers a different flavour profile, you can look toward yoghurt snacks instead. Not only are these not nearly as messy as cups of yoghurt have the potential to be but they can also come in several different flavours, unlike cheese. From getting the sweet chocolate fix to the fruity raspberry and strawberry, there’s a good chance that even a picky eater can appreciate the flavours of yoghurt that are available in these particular lunchbox snacks.

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