8 luxury gifts to splurge on

Do you want to treat that special someone in your life with something other than the usual? Or is it about time you treated yourself after a period of hard work and self-neglect? Then this is the ultimate list you need: 8 luxury gifts to splurge on!

  1. An espresso machine

Given you spend money on good coffee anyway, why not bring the luxury to your own home? A quality espresso machine will welcome you in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee or delightful cappuccino. What more do you need to start your day? Become a true barista and experiment with strength and beans to find your ultimate coffee pleasure.

  1. An air purifier

Anyone looking to treat either themselves or others is in need of an air purifier. The ultimate gift for improved health and greater happiness. They filter the air and make sure your home is a welcome and healthy place to work, socialize, hibernate – whatever. For that extra touch of luxury, go for a purifier-humidifier hybrid and enjoy the blessing of a perfect indoor climate.

  1. A decent sized grill

For anyone enjoying a regular grill, this gift will speak to the imagination. Multiple levels, fancy features and much more functionalities to make any grill experience unparalleled. Especially lovers of the outdoors and food will appreciate this thoughtful and generally expensive gift. Don’t be surprised if you or your friend will never cook a regular kitchen-meal ever again.

  1. A cashmere sweater

Nothing beats a soft sweater. So why not invest in a high-quality, fashionable one that fits like a glove? Who said style and comfort don’t go together? Think again, because cashmere is undoubtedly both of those things. Moreover, thanks to the high quality, your gift will remain soft and sleek. Any good friend would want this for someone they appreciate, right?

  1. Noise cancelling headphones

Talking about comfort; there’s nothing more relaxing than completely zoning out to great music, an inspiring podcast or just the beauty of nothingness. Noise cancelling headphones make that happen. The fact that such headphones allow you to cancel out any unwanted noises is the true gift of twenty-first century technology. Just cocoon anywhere.

  1. A telescope

You don’t have to be an astronomer to enjoy the wonders of the universe. In fact, the less knowledge you have, the more amazed you’ll be with the spectacular views from a home telescope. A telescope as a luxury gift is thus not just a nice piece of decor, it’s a way to immerse yourself into the infinite vastness of the unknown.

  1. A knife set

Your cooking skills may very well be of the highest possible standards, when your knives are blunt, there’s no way your food will turn out as perfect as you’d hoped. Sharp knives are probably not even luxuries – they’re bare necessities. Yet not a lot of people allow themselves to splurge on a quality knife set, including sharpener. So why not give it to another? Or rather ‘sell’ – the age-old tradition of returning a penny for a gifted knife is probably founded on nonsense, but one can never be sure.

  1. An art subscription

Art is the true luxury. Gifting an art subscription is thus the ultimate gesture of wishing someone to be surrounded by alternating beauty and inspiration. And one who appreciates art, appreciates life. Not just for the sake of being art, but for the sole purpose of capturing the real and fictional as one.

The best thing about an art subscription is its ephemeral character; whenever an artwork ceases to bring joy, it’s just as easily traded for a more fitting alternative. Any form of subscription for that matter makes a great luxury gift. Whether it concerns a subscription to a luxury interior magazine, a self-care package or even a subscription to live poker – it’s a periodical gift that never ceases to bore.

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