Collecting Costume Jewellery In the 1950s

As the price of gold and silver and jewels still rise the recognition and cost of costume jewellery keeps rising. Costume jewellery is produced from nonprecious metals which are plated along the way. Gold and silver, gold, silver, and platinum are scarce and then rise in cost.

The entire process of gold-plating was created by Nehemiah Dodge in the workshop in Providence, Rhode Island. Because the gold-plating process with nonprecious metals was refined with time, mass manufacture of costume jewellery was now possible. The main centers of production incorporated Newark, Nj Attleboro, Massachusetts Providence, Rhode Island, and New You are able to. California grew to become a significant center for production through the late 1930s.

The Truly Amazing Depression led to the decrease in the output of fine jewellery. The fine jewellery designers found use the costume jewellery manufacturers, thus leading to a rise in the design and quality from the pieces. During The Second World War jewellery manufacturers were provided a summary of metals which were no more permitted for use as numerous metals were required for world war 2 effort. Costume jewellery ended up being produced from a number of products including wood, plastics, and pasta.

Two occasions happened throughout the 1950s that positively influenced the costume jewellery market. In 1955 and ad judge ruled costume jewellery would be a “thing of beauty.” With this particular ruling, companies started using copyrighted symbols to safeguard their pieces. Since companies marked their pieces it grew to become simpler for collectors to recognize the maker and the timeframe where the piece was created.

The 2nd event that happened mid 1950s was the introduction of a unique process which involved coating rhinestones. The coating gave the rhinestones an iridescent finish referred to as “aurora borealis.”

Three Major Jewellery Designers from the 1950s


Eisenberg Jewellery, Corporation. was formally established in 1940, manufacturing costume jewellery solely. It absolutely was producing women’s clothing in the early 1900s. The jewellery was initially made to co-ordinate using the women’s clothing line. However, the jewellery produced through the Eisenberg Company was of these top quality that purchasers wanted the jewellery as opposed to the clothing that it had been supposed to have been worn. Eisenberg jewellery has lots of markings, although throughout the years 1958-1970 many pieces weren’t marked. Between 1949 and 1958, the jewellery was marked using the words Eisenberg Ice in block letters.


Kramer Jewellery Creations would be a company founded during The Second World War and operated in New You are able to. Pieces produced at the moment were marked”Kramer,” “Kramer N.Y.,” or “Kramer of recent You are able to.” Within the 1950s Kramer was employed to create and convey costume jewellery for Christian Dior. Pieces created for Dior were marked”Christian Dior by Kramer,” “Dior by Kramer,” or “Kramer for Dior.”

Favorite motifs of Kramer jewellery include flowers, particularly organic-searching floral designs created using colored enamel or gilt petals leaving.


Napier grew to become noted for costume jewellery within the 1920s. Through the late 1940s and in to the 1950s Napier was renowned for its rose gold brooches and necklaces set with obvious and colored rhinestones, and bold designs for charms and bracelets. Napier Company used the name “Napier” enclosed inside a rectangle. Following a purchase from the Napier Company in 1999 the Napier trademark was designed in script.

The Clothing-Jewellery Link

Women’s’ fashions within the 1950s grew to become more feminine. Advances in fabrics permitted clothing to become worn with no need to iron, supplying women a clear fresh look. Jewellery required on the change to go with the brand new clothing styles. The costume jewellery produced in those times required on bigger proportions. Some earrings were so large the press described them as “ear muffs.” Large pearls and flower motifs were popular were heavy beaded rope necklaces, multiple stand bracelets, and shoulder length earrings.


Costume jewellery created throughout the 1950s was affected by economic and world occasions that limited materials to create products and encouraged fine jewellery designers to go to designing costume jewellery. Not every costume jewellery is marked or signed as well as inside a company you will find periods where the pieces were marked along with other periods of time the pieces were unmarked. Periodically a business would alter the mark.

Costume in those times is bold. Animal and floral motifs were popular. Western themed jewellery seemed to be becoming popular as Roy Rogers and Gene Autry were packing the film theatres.

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